Chia Seeds UK

Important Facts About Buying Chia Seeds in the UK

There are several important points you have to remember when looking to get hold of chia seeds in the UK. I’ll try to touch on some of these factors here.

ACNFP Approval

At present, despite the fact that chia seeds have been used safely for thousands of years, they have not yet been officially completely approved by the ACNFP (The Advisory Committee on Novel Foods and Processes; a service-providing body of scientific experts whose job is to advise The FDA on relative novel food matters). This means that although you can purchase chia seeds in the UK, the retailers HAVE to say that the seeds are only approved for use in bread up to 5%.

This is a legal point, but when you are buying chia seeds that have this warning, these are no different to any other chia seeds, but it’s just a legal requirement until the seeds are approved.

On a side note, the BBC recently reported that the ACNFP is expected to be approving chia seeds soon. So let’s hope they are right about this!

Availability of Chia Seeds in UK

Because of the current status of chia seeds with the ACNFP approval, you can purchase the seeds from some shops, but people find it’s usually easier to get their seeds online.

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Organic Chia Seeds vs Non-organic

We highly recommend you get organic chia seeds if at all possible, as we would recommend with any product. Organic foods have many benefits not only to your health, and they also usually taste a lot better.

However, organic chia can be quite a lot more expensive than regular chia seeds, so if money is an issue, I’d definitely say that it’s better to be including non-organic chia into your diet more regularly than to be put off by the higher prices of organic.

Of course we offer the choice of both organic chia seeds and non-organic chia seeds on our site.